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E. K.

Mein host family letter

Könnt ihr euch mal meinen Host family letter durchlesen und sagen ob irgendwas inhaltliches fehlt? Wenn ihr noch Rechtschreib oder Grammatikfehler findet, weist mich bitte darauf hin :)

Dear Host Family,
my name is XXX, I'm 17 years old and currently I go to school. My relationship to my family is really important for me and they play a superior rule in my life. As a family we do lots of activities together. Because of our family sport scuba diving we spend a lot of time together, especially on holiday. It's our family tradition to meet together at least once a year at Christmas. So every Christmas is a big event with every member of my family. I also have a rabbit called “Teddy” which lives in our garden. Because I have a pet I learned very early to take responsibility and to take care of another life.
I love spending time with my best friend AAA. She lives next door, and we have known each other since high-school and we spend time with each other every free minute. I love doing sports with her, so in 2004 we started to play Volleyball in a team. In 2009 we also started doing standard dance together for one year and a half and after that we began to dance Hip - Hop. The thing I like most in our friendship is that we can talk about everything with each other. A common hobby is also travelling, so we go on vacation together every year. With AAA I've been to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the North Sea, Munich and to Barcelona.
Another hobby of me is to be creative and to do arts or crafts. I also played in our schools theatre. Last year I became friends with a Mexican exchange student, WWW, who was an inspiration for me to go as EduCare to the United States.

Besides spending time with my family and friends, I do lots of volunteer duties in school.
In 2010 I also started doing the “homework supervision group” for our first and second years, which I did until June this year. I enjoyed teaching the children, helping them with their homework, and helping them through their learning process. Sometimes when the children had finished their homework early, we went out and played tag. I liked the calm atmosphere between the children and us supervisors, because it was a different relationship than a teacher-student relationship. The children weren’t under pressure to perform higher grades anymore. After some time I got to know the different personalities of the children, their weaknesses and in which subjects they needed help. Because I supported the children a whole year I did not only teach them, but grew very found of them and the parting was sad.

Since July I have volunteered in a day care centre. I really enjoy this job and the children are adorable. I do lots of activities with them, like playing games or to go outside with them. In the garden we play soccer, basketball, ride balance bikes, or building sandcastles. From watching the children during their outdoor activities I have learned a lot. Children try to find out their own limits and always try to do better with the older children as model. It also shows how different the children’ interests, needs and talents are. After the children have played outside it is time for dinner, and most of the children eat in the Children day care centre. Before we start to eat I help to set the table and then we pray. Some of the younger children need some extra help with eating. So I cut their food in pieces and help them with the cutlery. After dinner I help to clean the table and then I help the children to brush their teeth in the bathroom, because not every child is able to use a toothbrush. It is always nice to see, how the older children take responsibility for the younger children and help them. Very interesting is also the different rates of development of every child. At the morning ritual I learn the most about children. Every morning the children sit together in a circle, telling each other about the activities and happenings of the previous day. I realise how much children are noticing from their environment and how they lope with situations and that they can reflect them.

I have passed my driver's license in March 2012 and I drive 2 or 3 times a week without any accidents or tickets since that date. During my lessons in the driving school I have also attended a first aid course. Due to the fact that we have very much rain in our region I have experience with driving in rain and snow and I am also experienced with driving at the motorway.

To sum up, I love travelling, meeting new people and making friends, but also family life has an important role in my life, so I think a year as an EduCare would be perfect for me. I'm not sure what I want to study after my A Levels, so I think attending a course at a college would help me to make a decision what I want to study. Currently I think about studying international business administration which is taught in German and English. So a year in America would help me to improve my language and to extend my speech intelligibility. Besides gaining new knowledge I hope to meet new people, make friends and get some new life experience. I hope I'll find a friendly family where I feel comfortable. Moreover I'm so excited to get to know the American culture and lifestyle. For me it would be very interesting to see under which circumstances children grow up there. I want to learn something about manners and traditions in the U.S.
All in all I hope to spend an unforgettable year with a nice family and get some life experience.

I would be happy to have the opportunity to speak with you, to learn more about your family and your interests.
I hope to hear from you soon, yours XXX.

E. K.
Mein host family letter
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