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A. B.

Looking for a host family in Sweden in summer of 2022

Hi everyone! My name is Alena, I'm from Germany (Saarbrücken) and I will finish school next march. Since I'm not sure what to do job-wise, I wanna take some time to travel to Sweden! I havent decided on a city yet but I probably wanna see multiple. By next summer I'll be 20 years old. Heres some more about me:
I have two siblings, I speak english pretty well and I'm currently trying to learn swedish. I obviously speak german too since I am from Germany. I'm good at math, english, and history! So if any jost family would like me to help their child in these subjects..I'm here :) I like to paint/draw and watch movies or game.
Heres what I would like in a host family:
It is very important to me that you are welcome and open to the LGBTQ+ Community since I am a part of it myself. I dont mind if you jave children, I'm alright at dealing with kids :) I LOVE dogs so ifnyou have one or more dogs I'd love that, but its obviously not a necessity. You need to be able to speak english or german with me since my swedish is very limited at this time.

TLDR: almost 20year old girl from Germany looking for a roof over my head for my travel to sweden. need to be accepting of gay people :) I dont mind helping out in the house/garden/with kids or animals.
Looking forward to hearing from you!!

A. B.
Looking for a host family in Sweden in summer of 2022
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