Letter to hostfamily für PI (PPP) -bitte anschaun

hi leute

also erstmal ich bin neu hier und falls der thread irgndwo gelandet ist wo er nicht landen sollte tuts mir echt leidZwinker

also ich hab mich fürs ppp beworben, meine austauschorganisation ist PI und ich bin wahlkreis 241. Also wenn noch welche aus dem wahlkreis da sind bitte melden, damit ich mit euch weng labern kann Grins

also ich bin jetz so gut wie durch mit den bewerbungsunterlagen, muss sie bis zum 21.8 eingeschickt haben, muss nur noch zu meinem arzt, der im moment - ok schon seit 3 wochen urlaub macht- also jednfalls hab ich grad meinen brief fertiggeschrieben und möcht wissen was ihr davon haltet, für Kritik jeglicher Art bin ich dankbar und danke dass ihr euch den brief durchlest, bin echt schon weng am verzweifeln ob der so passt.

Dear host family

First of all I would like to thank you for welcoming me in your family for almost one year and giving me the chance of getting to know how an American family lives. I chose America as my exchange country because I’m very interested in American history, the various landscapes of America, the different people living there and of course American High Schools. To get to know me a little bit better I will now tell you some things about me, my hobbies and my family.

My name is Tanja, I’ve just turned 17 , I’m 1.60m (5 feet, 2 inches) small and I live in Gundelsheim, a nice village in Bavaria. I was born in Bamberg and grew up in Hallstadt, a town near Bamberg. There we lived in a small house with a big garden and lots of animals. We had chickens, pigeons, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and fish and I loved being with them and caring about them.
When I was eleven my family, that’s my mother Lydia, a housewife, my father Gerd, who works as a commercial clerk, my sister Stefanie who is two years older than me and my grandmother Maria who lives with us as her husband died when my father was only 16, moved to Gundelsheim. We now live in a nice new house with a big garden. I still have pets but only a rabbit, Bobby, and a guinea pig named Wuschel. My mother is at home because she has to care about my grandmother, she worked as a tailor before my sister was born. My father works very hard he leaves the house at 6am and comes home late in the evening. Last year the company he works for had many problems and he was sure that he’ll lose his job, but now things look better and he tries everything to save this company as he has worked in it for already more than 30 years.

I think that I’m a very open-minded person who can be as funny as serious, is honest and somebody people can rely on, somebody who likes long conversations is interested in many things, e.g other religions, politics, foreign countries and just loves being with other people.

In September 2006 I attend 11th grade of Maria-Ward-School in Bamberg, a school only for girls but at the moment I have summer vacation.My school starts at 8 am and usually ends at 1 pm. One lesson lasts 45 minutes and we have two breaks, the one lasts 15 minutes the other 10 minutes. Two times a week we have lesson till 1.45 pm. My favourite subjects are English, Religious Instruction an French, the subject I like least is maths, I sometimes have problems with it, but it's ok. Well nobody's perfect. After school I often meet with my friends or we go to the swimming pool. My favourite activities are in-line skating, swimming, reading, the English language , listening to quite all kind of music, going to the cinema with friends or just sitting with them in a café and drinking hot chocolate or eating something. Maybe you wonder why I mentioned “English” as my hobby, well, among my friends I’m known as the “English-Freak” as I read everything in English, no matter what, books, newspapers, manuals, just everything and most of the movies I watch are in English. I don’t know when my passion for the English language started, I think I must have been very young. I have always got very good grades in English as I just loved the subject, even the tests- sounds strange-but it’s the truth.
I take part in the practise of the youth group at the voluntary fire department in town every Saturday. I’m a member there for already 3 years. You learn many different things which are all very interesting and useful, e.g first aid. But our youth group often does many activities together. We go camping, help the church at processions, show younger children how a fire department works and what they should do in case of emergency and every year the whole youth group spends 2 days at the fire department. Then we get to know who a professional fire department works. We are called to faked car accidents, fire, people who stucked somewhere, we have to search missing people in the woods and much more. We have to decide quickly what we have to do, but also what’s the right thing to do and have to work in a group which strenghtenes the companionship. I always love these two days as we do many different things together and always have a lot of fun.
In my free time I also give tuition to two girls, but I don’t take any money because their families are poor and the girls are my friends. My teacher asked me to tutor another girl during summer vacation what I do every Wednesday. The money I earn by tuiton I save for my study. I want to study English and wheather Religion or French, I haven’t decided yet. I have also worked at a soup kitchen, giving food to people who can’t afford the food they need, for example unemployed, alcoholics or people with badly paid jobs. There I realized how lucky I can estimate myself to have a family, a house and that my father has a job. I saw what alcohol can do to people and I was shocked. Of course, I’ve heard things about the dangers of alcohol and what it could do to you, but seeing these persons, talking to them and listening to their- often very sad- life story. Because of this Experiences I don’t drink any alcohol and I don’t smoke.

My favourite activity when I have vacation is travelling. I have already been on a language trip to England in 2005 and I was on the World Youth Day in Cologne, as I’m very interested in meeting people, especially youths from different countries and talking to them. I met many different people from Uruguay, Kenia, China, Japan, Kanada, Italy, France, Australia and the USA. I 2006 I was on a school trip to Strasbourg in order to extend our French knowledge. But even there my love to the English language followed me, so that I had a long chat with an Englishmen about the breakfast at our youth hostel. Well, that’s life! I have also been to Berlin in July 2006 with my class. I often went on holidays together with my parents, e.g Italy, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and many more.

The reason why I want to spend a year in the USA is that I want to get more independent, improve my English, meet new people, get to know how an American family lives and be a member of this family. I’d like to experience how it feels like when I watch the fireworks on Independence Day, to shout encouragement to the football team of my school and eating the Thanksgiving Turkey with you. And as I intend to study on year in the USA I would like to spend a short part of my life there so that I can imagine what life in America means.

I’m looking forward to meeting you and I will do my best to become my year in the USA good for you and me

Greetings from Germany


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..ich glaube sie meinte,dass se als sie elf war mit ihrer family nach gundelsheim gezogen ist!
aber ich glaub das komma is einfach nur falsch gesetzt..leider hab ich überhaupt keine ahnung von englischer kommasetzung..hab das immer noch nich kapiert...:)

vom 20.7.2008 17:24
F. W.

länge ..?

also erstmal find ich deinen brief echt gut aber wie passt der bei dir auf das kleine blatt??

aber ich wüsst auch nicht was man da noch rauslassen könnte...


Letter to hostfamily für PI (PPP) -bitte anschaun
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F. W.
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