Exchange in Spain

Hello, I am interested in an exchange for my daughter (13) or for my son (16). We live in Málaga, in the south of Spain. They are studying German and they would like to improve it.
The exchange could be in summer or in the school year ( perphaps two or three weeks)

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Is this still active?

Hello Maria,

are you still interested in an an exchange for you daughter?
We also have a daughther in the age of 14 years whos is learning spanisch since 2 years and we are also interested in an exchange in summer or in the school year. Thus I would like to know if your search is still active or not.
If yes, maybe we can have a short call via Whatsapp or Skype.
Once I have an answer from you and if your request is still active, we can then exchange our contact details and maybe plan for a call.

Looking forward to hear from your soon.
Best regards
Efkan Kiran

Exchange in Spain
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