Dear swedish family, (swedish german school exchange)

We are looking for an swedisch family for an exchange for my 15 years old doughter.
This exchange can take place in 2021 or 2022, our targeted duration will be 4-6 month or longer.
It will be possible to make an reciprocaly exchange 1:1 at the same time, because we have space here, when my doughter will be in sweden.
It can also be a one way exchange in any open minded family to this idea.
We would come to sweden in advance, to get to know each other and to organise everything, if needed also several times.
We are from Lübeck in germany and the school of my doughter is in bargteheide, which is in the near of hamburg.
I already have experience in this kind of private exchange, my oldest doughter made an exchange with a girl in france some years ago and it was great.´If you are open for this, everything else will follow easily.

Feel free to ask any questions. I will give you my emailadress, for direct communication.


Matthias G. Schweden 2021/22
Dear swedish family, (swedish german school exchange)
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